Continuously re-inventing is key to the apparel business in Research & Creative development Agile System works closely with our partners to innovate all product ranges.

Always looking forward and never backwards we understand our customer needs. We have the vision to keep up with current and future apparel markets.  

The Agile R&D Office is an open creative space.

Here, we all share the same passion of creating and designing market leading products.

Agile System’s designers working out of the R & D Office utilise a creative space filled with skilled professionals well-equipped with the latest software and hardware they explore the latest in fashion technology from high technology 3D apparel prototyping including rendering in Adobe Substance and visualisation utilising Unreal Engine for a full 3D apparel experience.

We also have extensive knowledge in industry standard softwares such as Adobe Illustrator, CAD, Gerber Accumark and also not ignoring the creative importance of traditional illustrative sketching. 

Working with all design techniques & mediums we discover a space for new, emerging and past fashion.